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December 16, 2005 at 9:33 am (Uncategorized)

As planned before, I’ll be on leave start from today till next Monday. Juz wanna jot down few things for few ppl yg secara langsung atau tak, terbabit dlm hidup aku.. here it goes:

To Dia – Diz wud be my last note for u. Received ur sms last nite. – sory didn’t reply any. Anyways, apologize accepted. Think theres one more person u shud seek for hers also. Wutever pun afta diz, kalau nak write sumthing about me, jgn babitkan org lain.

To You – I cudnt make it to Penang today. Sory ‘bout the air tickets – wut a waste. Keep the other one for me, in case I might change my mind.. *y’know wut, I miss d crazy thing we used to do.. miss the old you*..

To Sumone – Before diz I think, its better TO KNOW ALL.. but come to diz point, I’d rather pretend like I do not know anything.. and appreciating all dat I have around me.. and stop questioning. Have a nice day – cheers!

Lets time decide everything..


  1. Anonymous said,

    >it is the same here.. but, er, stop questioning bout what eh? *thinking* Neways, we got nothing to hide.. m sure u both had a wonderful time, and i know ur presence means a lot to her… be happy ok.-sum1-

  2. amizgig said,

    >nothing.. am juz reminding myself.. thanks.

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