2006 Oudoor Review

December 21, 2006 at 5:46 am (Uncategorized)

yeah, i know the title sounds a lil bit silly (mcm nk buat karangan plak).. and forgive me for diz pic (tader kena mengena ngan outdoor.. kih kih).. well, not to worry.. i’m gonna make diz short

it has been a year since i know wut is outdoor all about. still cud’nt believe myself dat i already come to a stage.. where my beloved friends labelled me as an outdoor freak (ya don’t care).
most ppl got their own reason on why to join such an xtvts. same goes to me. but i prefer to not spell it out (boley?). pass is pass mah.
i’m happen to be a very fragile and lemah lembut girl (cewaah, perasan!) who wud say a big NO~no to diz kind of outdoor thingy.. sampaikan i wud die than to have a scar on my body. y’know lah kan.. siapa sanggup berlumpur, tak mandi berhari-hari, kena duri or even worst.. pacat (euww dat lil creature really scared me to death). ingat lagi masa first taim nak makan dalam hutan when i refused to eat using periuk (bcoz of tader pinggan).. *funny*.. i know, i wuz being soOo damn mengada-ngada back then. sikap aku taim tu mmg really annoyed ppl around me. yelah, at dat moment i have no idea tentang camping-memping nih. thought it wuz like main masak-masak (bimbo tul).
the first gunung dat i climbed wuz Ledang (dat wuz nearly 11 years ago when i’m 16 years old). dont ask abt it.. i felt like crying all the time. but dat wuz history.. (forget it)
and diz year.. i started to climb again. my first attempt wuz the ‘gah’ Yong Belar (jht tau my friends bwk i naik gunung tetinggi). dah la tader experience kan.. but taim tu aku tak pikir apa dah. i’m emotionally unstable. kononnya nak naik gunung lupakan masalah. so, i forced myself to be strong. takmo nangis infornt of trekkers lain. luckily, i managed to get to YB’s peak without any ‘songeh’.. only God knows how hepi i am bila dah dapat tawan puncak gunung tu.. *heaven seyy*
later on, dunno laa how on earth i can get along with a group of weirdos (the mountaineers).. and finally became one of them.
time flies.. i learnt a lotsa things. made lotsa friends.. andddddd conquered lotsa gunung!!.. *clap clap clap*..
special thanks to all of the ppl who has helped and guided me all diz while..

  • mppj’s group (who introduced me to outdoor world)
  • betterman & kukubesi (the websites really helps a lot! thanks for the infos)
  • muzs & militans (SOS d`great! love to be with u guys/gals)
  • other groups (Pekatu & Syed’s, UPSI, KAR, Kembara PKNS)
  • my best gunung’s friends (y’know who you are!)
below are the list of mountains that i’ve conquered for the year of 2006 je tau!.. *mrasa ada gunung naik dua tiga kali – cam tader gunung lain je nak pi kan*..
1) Mt Kinabalu
2) Mt Yong Belar (3 times this year)
3) Mt Yong Yap (2 times this year)
4) Mt Berembun Cameron (2 times this year)
5) Mt Ulu Jerneh6) Mt Nuang (3 times this year)
7) Mt Ledang
8) Mt Datok
9) Mt Bujang Melaka
10) Mt Peninjau
11) Mt Bubu
12) Trans Titiwangsa V2
13) Mt Perdah
14) Mt Jasar
15) Mt Kenderong
16) Mt Liang East-West
17) Mt Charlie & 3 Boundaries
18) and sebagai penutup, i will be going to Trans Bintang tomorrow!!.. (wish me luck nehh)
guess dats abt it. berjela tul review tuk tahun nih kan.. tahun depan ntah panjang mana lah plak..
since i will not be around for Aidiladha & New Year Eve.. i’m wishing u guys/gals Selamat Hari Raya & have a wonderfull life for diz coming 2007… go OUTDOORS!!..
..akhir kata, timer kaseh atas anugerah yg tak dijangka nih.. yey! saya menang motor.. mekaseh pawerut!
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