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February 24, 2010 at 8:00 am (Uncategorized)


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FREE Makeover & Outdoor Photography session for you!!

Do you want to be beautiful? To do a makeup makeover and hairdo like an artist? Do you want to pose like a supermodel in front of professional photographer?

If your answer is a YESSSSSS, then hereโ€™s what you have to do:

Upload gambar korang dalam keadaan muka dipenuhi masker / bedak sejuk – Gambar yg paling kreatif akan diterima sebagai pemenang!

If you are selected, this is what you will get:

Untuk 1 pemenang utama:

  1. Free makeover on ur preferred date as long as tak clash dengan my schedule (this promotion ended 30 March 2010)..
  2. Free outdoor photography session on the same date.
  3. Free 1 CD with unlimited photo of you

Saguhati untuk 3 yang terpilih:

Free makeover on ur preferred date as long as tak clash dengan my schedule (this promotion ended 30 March 2010).

Terms and Condition untuk join this Makeover & Outdoor Photography:

  • Create a link to http://outdoorfreak.blogspot.com at ur blog entry.
  • Become a Fan of MakeupFreak in Facebook.
  • Paling penting, leave ur blog link kat sini, so senang aku nak check.
  • Bonus will be given to those yang Copy and paste HTML code MakeupFreak fan page badges and place it sidebar blog memasing. It will look something like this:

Looking forward to meet u gals!



  1. biqque said,

    >aD,1) gambar kreatif with bedak sejuk or masker = boleh buat2) letak link blog u kat blog kitorang = boleh buat3) become a fan of makeupfreak= dah jadi fan, kena add gambar sebagai bukti ke?4) leave our blog link kat ur blog= boleh buat5) haaaaaa part copy paste html tu = camne nak buat? tak reti laaaaaa…i gi kat fb page pun takde pun code2 tu ๐Ÿ˜ camne? or else, u letak html tu kat komen sini, kitorang copy je letak kat sidebar kitorang terus ๐Ÿ˜€ amacam?

  2. biqque said,

    >ok dah tau! dah tau! dah tau buat!ok! i'm submitting my entry! please visit me at http://biqque.blogspot.com/ hahahaha! its great to be the first!

  3. biqque said,

    >my direct link to the contest entry :http://biqque.blogspot.com/2010/02/makeupfreak-contest.html(ada tukar kaler skit :D)

  4. aD said,

    >oh ok, i see now why tak ada feedback on this one. hik. tapi not to worry. yang nih optional je (but still abonus ๐Ÿ™‚ pada yang nak dapatkan code html tu, sila jadi fan MakeupFreak kat FB. Pastu boleh cari fan badges kat dlm tu.anw, tenkiu cik biqque! always supportive! meh sayang sikit kat pipi tu!

  5. jesnita_ns said,

    >aD..sy dh join contest ni my link http://www.royalbee.blogspot.com

  6. aD said,

    >tenkiu cik jes! *wink wink*

  7. blucimim said,

    >nk join jgk… hrp2 dpt merasa aD punya makeovermy blog linkhttp://blucimim.wordpress.com/2010/02/20/34

  8. aD said,

    >blucimin, tq tq.. penyertaan sikit, ada peluang korang semua nak menang nih.. hihihihi

  9. Chiko AzreeN said,

    >huhu nak joint ! nak joint ! malam ni i nak tepek bedak sejook ! huhu nak beli timun skali ~ lalalala

  10. Mrs Siti said,

    >Nak join jugak.. tingin nak dimakeover and diphotoshoot sbb x dapat pun masa kawen dulu..Yang paling susah sket pakai masker kot sbb xde lg bdk sejuk.Tp date blom abis lg, nak try..harap smpt cr bedak sejuk.

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