>My Birthday Present!!!

July 12, 2010 at 9:05 am (Uncategorized)

>Hubby will be outstationed on my birthday, this 17th July.

But he already bought one HUGE “White” present for me! So big sampai tak boleh wrap.. hihi.

It will be delivered to me this Wednesday! Cant wait to see it! To sroke it, to drive it!

Tq so much dearest hubby.. *kiss*.

p/s: Still tak tahu gender baby dlm perut ni.. bz manjang smp tak ada masa nak scan..


  1. Mrs weck said,

    >wahhh..white!!! hehe.. xsaba jugak nk tgk!!! hehe..i loike!!!!

  2. miEz haNeM said,

    >wah!! soooo romantic:)im heppy for u

  3. Iirakuu Miiraii said,

    >Wah….new car eh? tahniah!

  4. Azniza said,

    >Nak tumpang leh? hehehe…

  5. Ruziawati Bukhari said,

    >happy birthday ad!take care ok?

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